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Ever wondered how to start your own home business from scratch? shares everything that I've learned about taxes in my new business. Along the way I get tips along the way from Sondra P. Gaylord, EA. (who also happens to be my Mother and a wonderful illustrator). You don't have to be a tax payer to enjoy this site.

A Mom shares brilliant ways to help her son's school do fundraising. Step one: forget the candy bars and bulbs. is run by a group of volunteers who recognize the important value of businesses supporting local and non local nonprofit organizations.

Want to learn some amazing things?

Why is an entire town in California taking the Federal government to court over medical marijuana?

Valerie Corral studied the differential effects of medical marijuana based on strain and route of administration: over a three-year period. The results were scientifically statistically analyzed by each measured symptom or condition, and a series of one way ANOVAs on route of administration (either inhaled or ingested, cannabis strain, and diagnosis).

In communities that care, safety and concern count

A series of tips and check-lists so that you know before you buy. Don't get caught looking for a new crib without it.

Ever wondered if your surge protection can be compromised or what kind of tax deductions you are eligible for if you use your home as a business? This site has the answers and is written in the vernacular.

Do you even hear those stupid car alarms anymore? I live in a huge city (Tel-Aviv) and if think we could help the world a little bit by discouraging that technology. This site covers really useful information like how to buy a used car.

Far fetched as it sounds, this site discovered that if you aren't aware, you may get taken for a ride.

and finding a better way to do things means helping a neighbor

Did you know that you are probably paying too much for hosting? If you are still paying $10-20 a month, honey get with the 2000s. There are a million deals out there. This site gives a bunch of good, safe alternatives. You'll end up getting better service, more emails, better'll be glad you switched.

A wide assortment of useful, free technical writing tips for Technical Writers and those who want to write. Also check out the precursor of this site (to see how much I've learned)

or opening up to an altered perspective

Dana is my love and my inspiration.

David Jay Brown interviews some of the most thought provoking minds of our time on this incredible, magical site. Lose yourself, you deserve it.

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Free safety tips:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Child Safety
  3. Extension Cords
  4. Home Equity Scams
  5. Home Fires
  6. Office in the home
  7. Outlets
  8. Pesticides/Lead
  9. Power Tool Safety
  10. Surge Protection
  11. Water Quality
  12. Winterizing

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