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I too am a home owner hoping that everything is safe and sound when I fall asleep at night.

I want to make sure that there is no asbestos in the house or danger of me contracting Mesothelioma. To rest knowing that my electrical appliances are not going to catch on fire and that my computer has the right surge protection. I created this site as a quick reference guide to answer the question: Hey! Is my home safe?

The tips to your right are all free and have helped me a lot. I hope they help you too.

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Free safety tips:

  1. Asbestos
  2. Child Safety
  3. Extension Cords
  4. Home Equity Scams
  5. Home Fires
  6. Office in the home
  7. Outlets
  8. Pesticides/Lead
  9. Power Tool Safety
  10. Surge Protection
  11. Water Quality
  12. Winterizing

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