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Safeguarding my Children
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Parents who wish to safeguard young children should evaluate each room in the house, recommends home economist Frances C. Graham of Mississippi State University.

Among the most dangerous rooms: the bathroom. "The standing water in toilets is a drowning hazard to young children," she points out. Even bathwater, when set at too high a temperature, is potentially deadly.

Graham offers suggestions for keeping children safe in the home.

  • Never leave a child in the bathroom alone. Turn down the thermostat on the water heater. A maximum temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended to prevent unintentional scalding.
  • Install child safety locks on cabinets. This is especially important for those containing cleaning supplies, medications or any other dangerous substance. Even everyday supplies such as soap, when taken in large quantities, can be dangerous.
  • Eliminate sharp corners or protruding objects. Tabletops, countertops and hearths can pose dangers.
  • Store or remove stools or ladders. Young children love to climb.
  • Use protective covers on electrical outlets. They can be purchased in the hardware section of most stores.
  • Use safety chains on doors so children cannot wander outside. Also, use protection gates that have a solid bar across the top instead of the old "accordion" gates, since a gate without a solid bar across the top could be a choking hazard.
  • Never tie mini-blind drawcords together. Children who playfully stick their heads between the cords are in danger of choking or suffocating.


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